To help you through our website, please find answers to our most frequently asked questions.

1.Screen printing, Embroidery or Digital Printing?
   This really depends on the quantities involved and the size/colours of the
   logo. Generally low volume orders will be digitally printed or
   even embroidered if the logo is fairly small. Where larger orders are
   involved  it will become more cost effective to screen print the garments.
   Embroidery is suitable for most garments and creates a very professional
   and long lasting impression. We are more than happy to advise you.

2.Are there any set-up charges?
   Not for the digital printing. However, you will need to pay for screens for the
   screen printing or a "master" disk for embroidery. The cost of these 
   depends on the number of colours of your print or number of stitches in your
   design. These are "one-off" costs and will therefore be available for future
   orders at no extra charge.

3.Is there a minimum order?
   No. We are happy to print according to our customers requirements
   whether  "one-off's" or several thousand.

4.Are all items suitable for printing or embroidery?
   Most of the garments shown are, but we will be very happy to advice you on
   suitability of individual types of jackets, caps and bags.

5.What about VAT?
   All Adult & Children's size, 14/15 is subject to VAT; all other
   children's sizes are not!

6.Turn-round Time?
   Despatch is normally within 7-10 days of placing your order. Delivery is
   charged at cost on an overnight courier, but where we can help, we will drop
   a local delivery in to you free of charge.

7.Larger orders?
   We are always pleased to give you an individual quotation based on your
   personal requirements and we pride ourselves on always being competitive.

8.Supplying artwork?
   We are able to receive artwork in various programmes such as Illustrator,
   Photoshop, Word, Powerpoint, & Acrobat (Adobe PDF), via Cd, floppy disk
   or email. We are happy to advise on suitability.

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